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So, what does it take to have a successful website?

Websites are the new Yellow Pages! If you’ve got a business, regardless if that is a one-man-shop or has hundreds of employees, you need to have a presence in the World Wide Web.

85(!) Percent of today’s business inquiries start with a first search on the internet. If you are not present or can’t be found than that inquiry goes to your competitor.

We have 15+ years of experience when it comes to websites, SEO, SEM and marketing as such. Let us help you with our deep knowledge to get you up and running with your top-notch website in no time.

Design & Functionality

A Perfect Design Is Your Reference

People DO judge a book by its cover!

A research showed, that if in doubt, potential customers pick a company with a more appealing website over one with more experience. In a subtle way our subconscious mind connects a well designed and fast website with the skills the business has to offer.  Its almost like ‘…oh, they care about details on their website, they also will care about details on their product or service…’

100 % Hand Crafted

We carefully handcraft every page and every image on your website. Actually we’ll look at every pixel to make your website The Perfect Site for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all mentality in our company. We tailor the website to your branding and make sure it fits well!

Optimized For All Occasions

One Website For Smartphones And One For PCs?

Almost 50% of internet users are using their smartphone or tablet computer like iPhone, Android Phones or iPads. They expect your website to function flawlessly on their handheld devices.

Unfortunately, most websites don’t adapt to different browser sizes – resulting in ugly, almost not readable content.

Our websites are smart in design and functionality. They will adopt seamless to the browser size and optimize the content to be readable and good looking on any device.

This is also VERY important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as Google just recently changed its formula to buff rankings for non-mobile websites!

Make A Difference

Why Not Get An Award With You New Website?

When we were asked to design and implement a new website for a new line of homes for Elysium Constructions, we faced a stiff competition of some large marketing companies.

We decided to give ‘Rubicon Homes‘ an all new fresh look, which would pick up the neat branding and a clear and straight user interface.

Our customer was so pleased with the new website, that they decided to have it run in the yearly Pinnacle Awards for the construction industry. With almost a thousand members and hundreds of fine websites.

We’ve been awarded the Pinnacle Award for Best Website in 2014 and yes, we are very proud of it.

Our Customers

See What Our Customers Have To Say

We love our customers!

We are blessed with the best customers available. Really! We keep a close relationship with our customers and an open and fast communication style. Our no-fuss approach to even the most complex challenges helps us to stay on top of the market and will help you to get your new website in no time.

  • When we introduced our new line of homes called Rubicon Homes, we were in need for a slick and fast website which represents the corporate identity of our Rubicon Homes. Ingo and his team designed an awesome website in no time. We were so pleased with this new website, that we entered it into the BIA Pinnacle Awards in 2014. We won, among other awards, the award for the Best Website in the industry. An award which purely belongs to the team of 123 Perfect Site. Thank you guys.

    Irina PrellElysium Constructions Inc, President
  • Thank You for your quick response and step-by-step assistance during our recent system upgrade. We greatly appreciate your attention to detail, timeliness and ease to work with. Keep up the great work!

    MichaëlaOn Track Doors, Inc., Office Manager
  • We asked the team from 123 Perfect Site to design a website for our vacation rental business. Ingo came up with an mind-blowing design and also implemented an online booking tool for our guests. We highly recommend Ingo and the team from 123 Perfect Site to anyone looking to update a website or have a new website installed.

    Uwe Euler123capecoral.com - Owner
  • When our website was down, we asked 123 Perfect Site to help us rescue existing data and transform it into a new website. We needed a website which runs on mobile devices as well as on any other browser. 123 Perfect Site delivered a multilingual website in no time. We can highly recommend Ingo Molitor and 123 Perfect Site.

    Marena LoefflerAllure International Tax Consulting, CEO
  • Our old website was very clumsy. The guys from 123 Perfect Site produced a new, fresh and mobile accessible website in no time and for a more than fair budget. In a short hand-over meeting, Ingo showed me the professional concept of the website's backend. I can and do now update my website myself on a regular basis. Job well done 123 Perfect Site guys!

    Wade Helm OnTrackDoors Inc., President

Seamless Integartion

Smart-Up Your Website!

Part of our strength is to have your new website talk to other systems and/or offer smart tools for your audience to interact with. Here are just some samples – challenge us with your ideas!

We offer state of the art online shops where you can offer and sell your goods right from your website. Integrated with payment systems and shipping calculators to give your customers the right feedback.

We integrate smart forms which can send you a text whenever a customer inquiry is coming in. That way, one of our customers cut down response time to 10 minutes and his customers just love it.

We integrate online booking systems for vacation rental websites which are further integrated into client communication and accounting systems – very smart and very slick!

Or just a smart way to interact with your customers and make them find the right tool/product/service.

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